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In this Program We will look at   ;

  • Valintines day and its connection with

The Selfish gene, published in 1976 by Richard Dawkins

  • The state of Sex education in Irish schools
  • An event at sea
  • Fake news and how to spot it.
  • and of course some excellent music.


Two days ago, we celebrated the festival of what is now called St. Valentine’s day. It is believed that this Christian festival had its roots in pagan Rome.  Priests would gather at a sacred cave where the infants Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were believed to have been cared for by a she-wolf or lupa. There the priests would sacrifice a goat, for fertility, and a dog, for purification, the sacrificial blood would be smeared on young women in the belief this would make them fertile in the coming year. Later in the day, the young women in the city would place their names in an urn. The city’s bachelors would pick a name and pair for the year with the woman. Matches that often ended in marriage.

This festival – Lupercalia was outlawed after the rise of Christianity, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 was now to be St. Valentine’s Day. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that February 14 was the beginning of birds’ mating season, adding to the idea that Valentine’s Day should be a day for romance and sex. And that introduces us to the main theme of the programme, sex.

 Our instinct for reproduction is second only to that of survival. The forces related to reproduction and how we resolve them are a major contribution or otherwise to status and dignity. When sex and passion rear their head, most rational thinking flies out the window, perfectly normal people are prepared to throw caution to the wind and risk marriage, status, reputation and money for the life-affirming adrenaline of  – sex.

The book which throws a different light on this subject is, The Selfish Gene a wonderful book published by Richard Dawkins in 1976. At that stage Dawkins was a little-known lecturer in zoology at Oxford University.  On its publication is was an extremely influential book and caused quite a stir and it still is very relevant.  It rapidly became very influential and of course controversial.  But the author had done his research and well and it has held its own against all commers for over forty years. I read it about 10 years ago, in fact I read it twice and a few of the chapters even more so, —– as I struggled to grasp the concept of the “selfish Gene”. The book which I highly recommend is a brilliant description of the immortal gene as the driver of life —- life for its own sake passing from one generation to the next, using each individual human as a temporary survival machine, driving our brain and body to reproduce and pass the gene onto the next temporary home, – our children.

Like instinctive breathing and the beating of the heart, sex did not have to be taught; particularly In the days before the rise of human consciousness, the gene could not take such a risk.—- It could not take the risk that the survival machines – us humans- that were the carries of the gene would somehow forget how to procreate.  Therefore the gene built-in powerful chemical and drivers into our system to ensure — we got on with it….to ensure we produced children to carry forward the gene. Recently — and when I say recently I mean approximately about two million years since the rise of the conscious mind and particularly since the emergence of written historical record many power structures and religions have been trying to control this instinct with strictures and suppression. However, regardless of what barriers are ranged against it, it has a thousand tricks to fulfil its destiny.

The fact that we now have over seven billion people on the planet endangering our collective future and environment is a testimony to the success of that clever driver of sex – pleasure,  the power of the gene and its lack of foresight. The fact that such a basic powerful instinct could have become so caught in the modern turmoil and confusion between eruption and suppression is a fascinating topic which I will deal with shortly in a new and hopefully most enlightening manner when I get to Sex Education.

Most philosophical and religious viewpoints, the Catholic Church’s in particular, have little or no understanding of how powerful that sex drive is. In its attempted control of sexual behaviour, it has brought misery to millions, to its own priests and in its stubbourness on these issues it is likely to help in its own destruction. The attempt to repress sex with prayer and threats of damnation was a hopeless task. The legacy of oppression has made it a subject difficult to discuss even among educated, enlightened people. We are unique as a species by mostly engaging in sexual activity in private, which has to some extent further contributed to perceptions of shame and inhibition.

Another source of reticence is that humanity assumes itself to be a superior species, sophisticated and far removed from all other animals, it is a perpetual shock to our human collective ego that our sexual features and methods of copulation are basically the same as other animals.. However, unlike animals, and particularly since the evolution of consciousness over ninety-nine per cent of human sex is not for reproduction but for pleasure, recreation and bonding. All in all —we humans have developed a fraught and ambiguous relationship with reproduction.



My beloved wife at times points out to me that I can get fixated on a project—– it used to be design and build of pubs, housing and even a boat. Then it became the writing of ‘The Republic of Reason’, now with a new book in the offing —-working title ‘Trouble in Eden’ and many associated diversions, the passions continue. In an attempt to shut me up and bring me back to earth —- Katherine quotes the Poet, Paul Durkan to me —- a poem which mocks and captures the dilemmas of the driven and perhaps partly insane….Raymond of The Roof tops. Read by None other than Paul Durkan himself…


This is The Republic of Reason with Fergus Quinlan on Kinvara FM your local community radio. I would be delighted with any response to the show positive or negative, Contact me by email; kinvarafm@gmail.com

That poem would nearly knock the most ardent Scribe off his perch, but I shall plough on.

The origins of why we wear clothes are not that easy to discern, evolving hairlessness, protection from the cold and abrasion. However, I believe that the key factor was the emergence of consciousness itself, the explosion of thought will I believe explain a great deal of why we have such a fraught relationship with sexuality. We will get to that in more detail and the dilemmas in the Garden of Eden anon, under education.

Over time wearing clothes became a cultural norm, bolstered by religions and law. Clothes themselves became statements; statements of attraction, exaggeration of features deemed to be attractive, statements of availability, arousal and status. Dress codes signal group identity, from the slum garb of baggy trousers and shiny tracksuits to the exposed braces and power dressing of the city. Some, such as high-heel shoes, tight skirts and fascinators of female dress have become an object lesson in style, worthy of anthropological investigation. If a raised heel and tight skirt were emphasising a lengthening leg and sensual bottom and deemed to increase attraction, then every additional heightening of the heel and tightening of the skirt might perhaps be deemed even more so. Leading eventually to a situation where a woman is barely able to walk in astonishingly high shoes and hobbled by a skirt, altering the image from a sensual elegance to submissive helplessness. Perhaps this is a parody on the foot binding of an older China or a form of submissive bondage at a time of falling feminine confidence and the phenomenon of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. One way or another— attraction – clothes and fashion are a multibillion-pound industry

The battle within sexuality is the infernal selfish gene pushing for sex with multiple progenies, the church countenancing it but within strict parameters and only in the context of reproduction. The developing knowledge of science brought the worst nightmare to the gene – contraception. For the first time, humans could have pleasure without the consequences, the unplanned pregnancy, in one stroke both the strategy of the selfish gene and that of the social order, mainly the church— were thwarted. After all the battles about rights to Contraception the war is won ….it is now off the agenda. But many struggles remain.

The uncomfortable paradoxes of sex continue, children generally do not want to know their existence to be conditional on their parents having had sex. That realisation pushes such an act into a deep recess of the mind. Nevertheless, copulation with another is at the forefront of the same mind, perhaps such contradictions are at the root of much human neurosis. The term ‘protecting the innocence of children’ endorses a principle that sex somehow is not innocent. This explains why gods that became man arrived via — virgin birth, a story universal to many religions…..this is so the god could arrive ‘pure’ without any link to that ‘awful sex stuff’. Thus, we somehow have to protect the innocence of the gods and their pure virgin mothers as well as that of the children.

Suppression of sex in the general population has led to widespread ignorance and unhappiness. In situations where drink has diminished inhibitions unprotected, irrational or forced sex takes place with the result that approximately one in every 10 pregnancies is unwanted leading to large numbers of pregnant women having an abortion- a traumatic situation for everyone concerned. Those who genuinle want to campaign against abortion must activle campaign in favour of comprehensive sex education in schools.

The encouragement of open dialogue between sexually active people and throughout society would substantially reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancies an approach has been proven in the more liberal societies of Scandinavia.

In music, almost every three-minute popular song is about the quest for love, the implications of its loss, jealousy and love again. This complex but rather delightful instinct for love and companionship and reproduction is part of an evolutionary programme wired into the brain. There is a delight in comprehending why and how it all works and enjoying this wonderful experience that we call life. The level of dignity we carry through life is greatly influenced by how we deal and exist with our fellow humans on a sexual level. While this powerful force, like most others, is neutral in neither being good or evil, it can thankfully, in the majority of cases, enhance life and well-being. However, it can also lead to oppression, exploitation and fear through rape and abuse.

A recent manifestation of sexuality is the very accessible internet pornography. Exploitative in many senses, it is a relatively shy industry and therefore difficult to identify reliable statistics. About 30% of web searches are deemed to be for erotic content. A recent study in the United States could not find any college male not using porn sites. Looking at porn releases dopamine, a pleasure drug enhanced by novelty, causing addiction to novel experiences. The web is a place where a man can see more receptive females in 10 minutes than his ancestors could in multiple lifetimes. This, however, comes with a price for it can become an addiction, making it more difficult to maintain normal sexual function with a stable partner. Little scientific evidence is available at present to draw definite conclusions as to long term affects, but no doubt in time, it will. The easy access to internet pornography by children, who will develop a virtual perception of sex that distort expectations, may alter the whole debate in the near future, whether to negative or positive effect, remains to be seen.


With all that talk of eroticism let us listen to the first movement of the magnificent Erocia Symphonie no. 3 by Beethoven. 5.5 min


“Teaching young people about sex should not be viewed as a set of problems to be managed, but as an opportunity to empower them as happy well-adjusted and contented sexual citizens.

The research I have done on sex education points out very clearly that in Ireland it’s in an appalling condition and needs immediate radical reform. I have proposed a way forward which I believe will greatly enhance the Relationship and Sexuality Education in Primary Schools yes Primary schools. In all the research and reading I have done over  a lifetime I have never seen this vital subject previously approached as a battle between the instinct and the intellect.

Hundreds of recent revelations of child abuse and the historical treatment of women with unwanted pregnancies indicate our failure to deal with these issues comprehensively. The most recent publications [i] from the Department of Education Ireland are helpful but over-cautious, lengthy and vague. This proposal is to inspire a sharper debate on the subject and ascertain a response from persons involved in the parenting, protection and education of children

No parent wants to think about their child viewing pornography, but it will happen, the average age of first exposure is now less than 11 years old [ii].  It is our responsibility to ensure that children understand what a respectful, mutually-agreeable, sexual relationship is, BEFORE the beginning of puberty and BEFORE exposure to pornography. While children need to understand the instinctive pleasure that gives rise to eroticism, they should also appreciate how pornography can create unrealistic sexual expectations and could become a driver of exploitation, intimidation and assault.

In schools the involvement of parents and carers need to be considered. Parents and teachers may have to explore views and opinions that are not usually held. It is important that teachers can achieve a confident, factual and compassionate approach to the teaching. While most parents will be supportive, it is unlikely to be universal.

Mutual respect, consent and a full understanding of pregnancy, should be the basis for the moral regulation of sexual activity as children grow into adults. Discussions on postponing sexual activity might be worthwhile, but any suggestions which develop shame prove counterproductive. The enormous power of the sex instinct will overcome inhibitions. Alcohol and other mind-altering substances will be used to suppress inhibition and shame, sex in such circumstances is much more likely to be careless and unprotected, resulting in unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted disease.

Honest dialogue within RSE will develop transparent relationships and behaviours where children can assess and manage risk. The mature confidence of an individual’s sexuality is a vital component of self-esteem in all aspects of life. It is also essential that RSE be inclusive of gay relationships and reach out to those not confident in their gender identity, as any mental isolation on these issues can lead to tragic consequences.

The teaching of RSE needs to be within the context of who we are as humans, our evolution, and our two most powerful instincts, survival and replication.  It needs to be about human intimacy, happiness and its contribution to mental and physical health. Sex is the essential mechanism for the survival of our species, it can be exciting, pleasurable, fun and it colours our entire life. It is the basis for human perceptions of beauty and almost every drama of humanity; it is the engine of emotion and love, it is the lyric of every song and the goal and triumph of our existence.  Unfortunately, it can also be a driving force of disrespect, exploitation, jealousy and hatred.

WHAT IS EXPLICIT: The Department of Education and Skills States that:

“It may not be appropriate to deal with some explicit questions in class. Teachers may choose to say that it is not suitable to address that question at this time. When deciding whether to answer questions the teacher should consider the age and readiness of the students, the RSE programme content and agreed policy”.

The concept of what is ‘Explicit’ may pose more difficulties for adults rather than children. The advent of neuroscience with its understanding of the segmented brain structure (see BRAIN PARTS sketch) explains the embarrassment humans have with Sex and Sex education.

The ancient instinctive brain together with Amygdala and the Hippocampus, are the drivers of sexual reproduction and have no embarrassment with explanations of sex or nakedness. The more modern thinking brain and the social order tries to control this instinctive force. This conflict between the instinct and the intellect is the human condition and is the story of the ‘fall’ in the garden of Eden, “having eaten from the tree of knowledge they saw they were naked and covered themselves”. . I am prepared to meet any group to explain the logic of this proposal.


Let us for a moment, leave the trials and tribulations of solving the sexual problems of the world ….  Let us fly away on a sailing voyage.  A sailing story….. away from the dramatic….storm swept coasts and the beautiful curtains of rain that sweep Burren hills …..Let us go to a time and a place quite different But somehow —– it is still connected with the sensual and the romantic.

This is The Republic of Reason with Fergus Quinlan on Kinvara FM your local community radio. I would be delighted with any response to the show positive or negative, Contact me by email; kinvarafm@gmail.com

On the 10th June 2010—– Katherine and myself found ourselves wandering under sail through the heart of French Polynesia. Having reluctantly exited Rangiroa one of the beautiful lagoons of the Tuamotus we sailed 210 miles, south west until we arrived into Papatee Harbour in Tahiti.  Having secured our ship we went wandering the town…..  but to put the whole evening  in somewhat of a setting our Log a takes a piece from a book by Paul Theroux on Polynesia and I quote :

“ In 1768 a bare-breasted Tahitian girl climbed from her canoe to a French ship under the hot-eyed gaze of the French sailors who had not seen any woman for over six months.  She stepped to the quarterdeck where, pausing she slipped the flimsy pareu from her hips, and stood utterly naked. smiling at the men. In that moment the myth of romantic Tahiti was conceived. Like Venus rising from the waves – that was how the naked girl was described by the captain of the ship, Louis Antoine de Bougainville, the first Frenchman in Tahiti, who believed he had discovered heaven on earth”…

Well here we were some 300 years later in that heaven on earth and browsing through the streets of Papatee.  We came across a little slightly run down restaurant, it was called Les Cafe des Négociant’s ….. we sat at a table on the street outside planning to have a glass of wine or two and watch the passing action on the streets, Frederica the waitress came out and started chatting to us, not to be trifled with, she was an engineer on a French naval vessel and a charming girl she was full of sea going stories. The maître D of the café was a slightly stern-faced lady, one imagined she had spent an eventful young life in the French Resistance.  Many couples were now sitting around tables and a small jazz band set up  and began to play. In the slow course of the evening time seemed to wind down and even begin to go backwards — couples started to rise and shuffling into each other arms began to dance, some elderly and drink worn, some in faded suites with the air of card sharps….all were like visions out of a painting by Toulouse-Lautrec.  Two girls joined us at the table, very beautiful and charming and they told us of their trip to Tahiti from their home in Paris, as the music and the fine wine took a grip of the situation they cast off their shoes and danced bare foot on the street, they were trained dancers and moved with a silken grace.  Waves of nostalgia and all the emotions that make us human washed over us, it penetrated our very being. Katherine and I could no longer resist. and we too danced that night under the stars in Papatee.

We both carry vivid memories of that evening and dream those dreams of times past on Pylades sailing expeditions.


To attempt to capture that very French moment nothing can match the little sparrow….. Edith Piaf            2.14 min


After that foray into nostalgia and sensual sound we must get back to the Education proposition in hand.

Relationship and Sex education begins with friendships, feelings and families, proceeding to puberty, relationships and reproduction.  There is, no inappropriate stage to start these discussions, children do not have the inhibitions of parents and teachers. Preserving the innocence of children is akin to preserving the ignorance of children which facilitated so much historical child abuse.

 RSE is to become compulsory in all UK schools by 2020.  In the Netherlands[iv], such education and information about sexual diversity are already compulsory. As a leader in the field, the Netherlands have shown that an open climate, comprehensive sex education and a non-judgmental attitude toward young people’s sexuality contribute to the postponement of intercourse, low rates of unintended pregnancies and the lowest level of abortion in the world. Incidentally — It also scores as one of the happiest countries in the world.

  • The most important thing in any person’s life is their body.  A vital part of a child’s education is to understand how its personal biological machine works and how to enjoy, protect, and take good care of it.

Children need to understand their bodies and have the resources to deal with puberty, pornography and the power of sex as part of a regular RSE programme. The age for puberty appears to be lowering[v], and the average age of exposure to pornography is now less than 11 years old[vi].  It is our responsibility to ensure that children from a young age understand how their bodies work and what a mutually respectful, joyful, sexual relationship is – before these events occur.

TO ACHIEVE THIS; schools need to Build RSE, not as an isolated programme, but holistically integrated with evolution and as part of the whole biology of body and brain. It should be normalised and not dealt with by one-off ‘specialist’ discussions.

  • Children need to understand the reasons for and the power of attraction.
  • They need to understand how the forces of instinct act on them can overcome rational thinking.
  • Children need to understand female menstruation and male ejaculation before they occur.
  • Children need the resources and confidence to discuss the nature and the extent of any unwanted sexual encounter, or any future desired sexual encounter.
  • They should be free of inhibitions that in the future will need screening with drink or drugs to permit them discussions within relationships or sexual activity.
  • They should acquire the resources to control their growing sexuality through empathy, consent, respect, and understand the consequences of any sexual act through critical thinking.

I have developed a poster which could be displayed in schools to normalise sexuality and RSE and assist in its demystification; it would break away from the concept of the occasional ‘sex talk.’ Open familiarity with the body would enable ongoing normal discussions on the subject.

‘OUR BRILLIANT BODIES,’ is a cartoon type, humorous drawing, it shows the common and different parts of both sexes in Irish and English. The poster also indicates associated Lessons: 1. Survival, 2. Intellect & Instinct, 3. Reproduction, 4. Why two Sexes?

(This poster arose from observing a similar, but clothed poster in a school naming body parts but not referring to any genitalia, an approach that associates these unnamed body parts with problematic shame and embarrassment at a vital time in a child’s education.)

 The poster and studies need of course to be enlivened by a teacher in class. Lessons which integrate evolution, biology and fun would negate the embarrassed obscurity in which this subject is often held.   (NOTE: the subject matter is vast, and under constant scientific review thus the study explanations and the BRAIN PARTS sketch are greatly simplified and abbreviated)

Lesson Plans The objective of these lessons is that children in primary school; are helped into adulthood with the resources and skill sets to achieve happy and fulfilling consensual relationships. Also, that they will be prepared for the challenges of puberty and pornography. (see BRAIN PARTS sketch)

Example of approach – LESSON 1. SURVIVAL

Survival is our most powerful instinct. We need food, both solid and liquid. In front of our Brain, are a mouth, nose and eyes, these are grouped specifically in this position and order to check out what we eat. A lesson on this major survival function: (fun!) Request a volunteer, a child to lie face down on the ground. Place an apple, perhaps covered, 2 meters in front. Ask the child to put its arms behind its back and with their legs bent forward from the knee and wriggle on their bellies to the apple. Their eyes will scan the food, looks OK, then their nose will smell – OK, then bite and taste – OK. The brain has used the eyes, nose mouth and taste to check out the food for consumption.

As the food passes through the machinery of the body, its energy is extracted. At the bottom of the body, the waste, both liquid and solid are dumped. If the forward moving child were to come across this deposit, it would not look or smell good – they would never get to the tasting stage. Then ask the child on the floor to crawl on hands and knees, then on its hands and feet, then stand and walk.

As well as explaining the energy gathering – survival mechanisms of most animals and fish, the child altering its forward movement from slug-like slithering to walking on two legs, would demonstrate about 500 million years of evolution.

LESSON 2. Instinct & Intellect

LESSON 3. Reproduction


General; encourage class discussion and organise anonymous written questions on an ongoing basis. Children’s curiosity must be answered with honesty and openness.

I have a simplified sketch of human BRAIN PARTS is to demonstrate the evolutionary time difference and conflict between Intellect and Instinct.————

I believe it is important to bring this novel way of understanding sex and its education to a wide audience of teachers, parents and most importantly children. To this end I am willing to meet any local group, discuss and make a presentation of this proposal; Contact me by email; kinvarafm@gmail.com Or through my website at www.the republicofreason.ie

I will finish this Valentine type talk — of sex, Love And Emotion, and slide into some reflective music. And there is nothing better I believe in the music of love then the piano concerto no 21 by Mozart  completed on 9 March 1785 it taps into perfect synergy with the human condition, It upstaged Bo Widerberg’s art-house film, Elvira Madigan, in the 1960s which I —  as with countless others sat through with streaming tears as love turned to tragedy. This is the second movement of one of Mozart’s—— most profound works.


Music Mozart Piano Concerto 21. Second movement      6.5 min  FADE


In the final piece of the programme I move from Love to FAKE NEWS AND PROPAGANDA

Being such a lover of freedom, it pains me greatly to see anyone suffering in jail, but to see a brave journalist suffer so is even worse.  Julian Assange founded Wikileaks in late 2006 in order to expose war criminality. His first major breakthroughs was the publication of US Army whistle-blower Chelsea Manning’s leaks on atrocities committed by allied forces in Iraq.  Mainly the video of a helicopter gunship casually murdering people on the ground.  Since then, WikiLeaks has exposed the grim realities of the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, campaign fraud in the United States, intelligence agencies spying on innocent civilians and even fellow world leaders, economic corruption and illegal political meddling by the US into the affairs of sovereign nations.

Crucially, not a single item that Julian Assange has published has ever been challenged on a factual basis a record of which Assange can be proud. And yet instead of being granted a Nobel Peace Prize Assange is effectively imprisoned in a small room in London.

It must never be forgotten that Hillary Clinton remarked, now it was only a remark, but – that “Assange’s execution should be conducted with a military grade drone.” Imagine if Putin said that even in a joke about a dissident journalist?

Assange has not been in the light of day for nearly seven years. The mainstream media, in Ireland, Europe or the US are on their knees to the agenda of the Washington Wall Street war consensus and dare not step out of line in demonising him. Even papers that used be regarded as left liberal have gone out of their way to constantly poison the air about him. The spurious sex charges that were brought against him despite being dropped almost two years ago are still occasionally brought to the surface by the MSM.

One can see immediate similarities with the case of Sargeant Maurice McCabe who by whistle blowing against the Garda establishment was maliciously accused of being a paedophile. Totally innocent, it is hard to fathom the depths to which the establishment will go to demonise truth tellers and obscure the truth.

Let us cast our minds back a little to recent instances where the MSM engaged with fake news. News and the slant of news is in fact a weapon of war. Our side – the good guys disseminate news, The other side – the bad guys only have propaganda…..

Vietnam;  The fake Gulf of Tonkin Incident… The US went to war and 3 Million Vietnamese were killed, 58,000 young Americans, were codded and killed. Massive chemical war – agent Orange, against the people, the crops and forests.  At that time it must be said the MSM were much more divided in their opinions – now they would be far more supportive of the US.

Afghanistan; NATO and the US invasion, despite the fact that the attackers of the twin towers were Saudi ….but that whole business is so mired in doubt, its hard to go there.

Iraqi — Colin Powell – definite proof of weapons of mass destruction (and the entire Bush administration). Those lies were taken up by most of the media pack who howled out their joy at shock and awe and a half a million are killed, a country was reduced to ruins and US corporate interests got the oil.

Libya is now rarely mentioned in the western mainstream media, which is not surprising because the place is a catastrophic shamble as a result of the US-NATO Operations.  As Hillary Clinton the heroine of MSM … said of Gadhafi “We came, We saw, He died”  Not surprisingly people are attempting to flee these now ruined  countries and reach Europe. Who does our MSM blame — people smugglers?

Russia: now that is the big baddie. In 1991 at the collapse of the Soviet Union a Russian General was reported to have said to an American General, “Well now you have a big problem… you have no enemy – how will you or the Industrial Military complex justify your huge war machine?” So if you do not have an enemy- you make one. Thus, NATO and the US broke every agreement, pushed their armies to the Russian border and do all they can to goad, and demonise. Every offer of reconciliation is thwarted and all the MSM faithfully reproduce without question every demonizing press release of Washington and NATO.

SO how do we find what might be true or false in the news. Start with 1. local media, RTE, Irish Times, BBC, etc. (as that will be the same as all western press news). 2. a mix of Russia Today and Aljazeera, the International Clearing House.  then social media… After gathering the conflicting information, one must pot oneself in the position of a judge – weight up all the evidence – Judicial thinking and be a detective. What does a detective do at a crime scene, the first question is—- Who Benefits? Follow the Money. From all that one may get as close to the truth as one can.

Between Valentine’s day, Sex, Sailing and Fake news Methinks that might be enough for today.  In the next show I hope to get to talk Johann Hari’s book, “Chasing the Scream” about –  Drugs and the war on drugs. Also, perhaps “The Shock Doctrine” by Naomi Klein.

This is The Republic of Reason with Fergus Quinlan on Kinvara FM your local community radio. I would be delighted with any response to the show positive or negative, Contact me by email; kinvarafm@gmail.com

Thank you for listening and again I leave with the signature tune …Spartacus by Khachaturian