This is an draft of of questions to put to candidates and canvassers in the coming election…any additions, subtractions or comments would be greatly appreciated


Are you in favour of extending democracy over economics?
Yes…..      No…..
Are you in favour of a society striving towards equality of
income and opportunity?
Yes….       No…..

Notes: If personal greed and competition are the only way to drive the economy then it is unsurprising that many organisations will be run by the most competitive and the most greedy. From the IFA to the CRC, the media and big business, those with the worst motivation get to run the organisations in their own interests.  Societies with higher levels of equality have less crime, less prisons, less drugs, less obesity, less alienation. The Spirit Level

At present we have;
Protestant schools for Protestant children.
Muslim school’s for Muslim children.
Catholic schools for Catholic children.
Jewish schools for Jewish children.

Are you in favour of this system?    Yes……  No…..
A national secular system                 Yes…..   No…..

Notes: In Northern Ireland, divided, sectarian education was a large contributor to sectarian hatred. With regard to the growth of Islamic fundamentalism, it is imperative that the children of Muslim refugees be educated in a national secular school system to encourage a seamless integration into the social society of the Republic of Ireland.

Are you in favour of a single national
health system where all citizens are
treated on an equal basis?

Yes…..     No…..

To ensure parity of interest; are you in favour of prohibiting all those involved in public health care, the minister for health, the Department of Health, hospital management, consultants and staff. From holding private health insurance.

Yes…..     No…..

Notes; The best advertising for private health insurance is hundreds of unattended people lying on trolleys…….. The more trolleys , the better the profits. In a two tier health system; wealth and health lie at the top. The better funded private section will attract the best health care workers and resources away from the public system

Are you in favour of Ireland taking a courageous independent neutral stand and not follow the ‘Washington Consensus’ ?
Yes…..      No…..
Do you believe we should close Shannon Airport to military aircraft and personnel?
Yes …..     No……

Notes: Ireland has due to lack of courage missed hundreds of opportunities to play a positive role for peace, the stabilisation of populations and the future of mankind in Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Libya, Iraq and the containment of NATO.

Do you believe that we can reduce carbon emissions and still grow; population, production and agriculture.
Yes…..      No…..

Notes: The plan to expand the grass fed beef cattle sector and substantially expand the dairy herd, contradicts any commitment to reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions

Do you believe that the housing needs of society can be provided by the private market?
Yes….     No…..
Should a home be a constitutional right to all citizens of the state?
Yes…..     No…..

Notes: 25,000 houses per annum are required, 9,000 built. Mainly by private enterprise.
Only a public housing programme can solve the problem. Ireland has the materials, the land and the workers. All that is required is the will – but a solution to the housing crises would damage the profits of the private sector.