Once conditioned as a kneeling supplicant, it is difficult to be master of one’s own destiny


Our poverty of philosophy negates the search for an equitable and sustainable society. To change what we have become requires courage and rational thinking. The future depends on innovation, science and nurturing analytical thinking in children during their formative years, it calls for the critical examination of all inherited beliefs.

However, on a range of key issues, the majority of children are instructed in beliefs which are unsubstantiated and irrational. When they can adequately demonstrate their acceptance of these absurdities, parents and extended family celebrate. Negation of rational thought is thus locked in and curiosity stifled, this is confirmed through life by remaining unchallenged. Children brought to kneel before celestial royalty are trained to endorse hierarchy and class.  It conditions for a life of supplication before banker, bondsman, politician or corporate capitalism, begging for work and sustenance. The lords of the manor previously took solace that the majority were so conditioned, the aristocrats of capital, still do.

Universities are the final phase in the production of polite, compliant, operatives and consumers. Religion in all its divisive forms is not the real problem, it lays the foundations for an exploitative system to thrive, it is but the mask and mentor of an economic power structure.

The dictatorship of corporate capitalism is invading every corner of the globe and our lives. We live in a science based society with a moral philosophy dating from the fall of the Roman Empire. This forms a separation between how we actually live and our theoretical base. In addition there is widespread embarrassment relating to most religious beliefs which prevent conversation on core moral values. We live in an intellectual malaise a ‘Poverty of Philosophy’. This has resulted in a catastrophic collapse of morality with an ethos that takes little cognisance of the common good, encouraging citizens to serve their own or corporate interests. The economic system does not serve society, society serves an economy which is but a conduit to pass the collective wealth to a rich elite. Exponential global population and economic growth with diminishing resources threatens our fragile species, it accelerates the formation of rich gated enclaves, to the drum beat of ominous climate change.