Europe is experiencing a huge refugee crisis which it helped make.  It supported totally unjustified wars in the Middle East and North Africa that have murdered and displaced millions of people. The Republic of Ireland supported these wars by allowing a flood of young men and women from the United States who bribed and brainwashed by the Washington establishment passed through Shannon Airport on their way to carry out this murder and mayhem against innocent people.

Instead of accepting their responsibility for peoples whose lives Europe has helped to ruin, the governments are employing fences and violence to keep out the hordes of peoples displaced by the violence that Washington has unleashed. Those who escaped the American war machine are now being murdered by ISIS…….. Is our answer to be razor-wire fences, troops and dogs? If we are to accept refugees from division and strife, it is important that we do not sow further division and contribute to future strife.

Refugees must be welcomed into a society where division is mitigated. Where there are no Muslim, Protestant, Catholic or Jewish schools. They must be welcomed into a society where all schools are secular, where all children are educated together, where we respect all children’s rights to an education free from sectarian division. Thereby we may strive to secure a peaceful, integrated future society.