Why does The RTE news coverage differ substantially in is reporting of the on-going battles at Mosul and Aleppo?

In its coverage of the battle for Mosul, RTE reports positively on the attack by Iraqi and Kurdish forces, backed by US air power to defeat the jihadists of ISIS and free the city. It claims that the terrorists will use the civilian population as shields, thus if and when there are civilian casualties it will be entirely the fault of the Jihadists.

In its coverage of the battle for Aleppo RTE reports negatively on the attack by the Syrian Arab Army and its Russian air support on Aleppo to defeat the jihadists of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. It constantly claims ‘atrocities’ the deaths of women and children the destruction of hospitals is due to indiscriminate dumb bombing by the Russians and the Syrian Army of using ‘Barrel Bombs’.  The defenders are described as rebel fighters – not as ISIS or terrorists or Jihadists.

RTE has abandoned any claim it might have had to fairness and impartiality. It appears obliged to consult daily with London based ‘experts’ giving credibility to a neo-conservative outlook. The view appears to be that what the Washington /Wall Street Consensus wants, fractured compliant states, is good. What Russia and Syria wants, a unified secular Syria contributing to Russian security is bad?

Uncritical analysis by the media has previously led to the demonization and destruction of Iraqi due to lies about ‘Saddams’ weapons of mass destruction. The demonization and destruction of Libya because it would not bend the knee and threatened the interests of French and American capital. The list is endless and littered with piles of tortured and dead bodies as the military power of the ‘Washington / Wall Street Consensus’ progresses with its agenda. An agenda which demands free access to all of the worlds natural and labour produced wealth. Only Russia, Iran, Syria and China now stand in the way.

While the compliance of the media with Washington’s objectives ensures a smooth flow of advertising and accolades, its lack of objectivity in reporting on events and its lack of analysis of the root causes of conflicts is bringing us all along a very dangerous path. For the world does not comprehend what happens when an unstoppable, highly motivated power -Washington, meets an unmoveable object, -Russia, both of which are armed with the most powerful nuclear weapons ever devised.

Russia is nervous, the last time it was threatened and invaded 25,000,000 Russians died. They will not allow this to happen again. NATO, against previous agreements has moved nuclear missiles to the Russian border. The pressure increases as the US and UK call for yet more sanctions against Syria and Russia, why? because they are winning the war in Syria. If that were to happen and a peaceful Syria was to rebuild with returning refugees, it would be a disaster for those who interests are served by perpetual war and destabilisation.

Hillary Clinton is calling for a no-fly zone over Syria, For the USA to attack the aircraft of Russia or Syria would be an act of war with perhaps unimaginable consequences. Putin has warned that only a few men pushing buttons will fight the next war, Russia, he accepts will be destroyed, but so will Europe and the United States.

The Media in Ireland could play a very positive international role in trying to stop this potential catastrophe by initially developing a reputation for fair and judicial enquiry. Become an internationally trusted examiner and proceed to have public judicial / neutral conversations with the main players.